The Dirty Dozen ~ Part 2

The Dirty Dozen ~ Part 2

The Dirty Dozen

This is part 2 of a 3-part series. Read part 1

Have you noticed how cleaning is a never-ending job? Even when you’ve ticked a job off your list, you know it’s going to come around again at some point. That’s the challenge of exterior cleaning… you can’t hold back the elements!

It’s why you want to take a systematic approach to your cleaning routine. Keep a schedule of when jobs need to be taken care of, and you can ensure you’re always one step ahead of the game.

Some jobs are annual, some seasonal, others are monthly, and others are one offs. So work to get into a rhythm and you’ll always be on top. It’s something your building will thank you for.

And if you’re wandering what cleaning challenges should be taken care of in your schedule, we recommend you start with these ‘Dirty Dozen’:

1. Graffiti on walls

2. Oil stains on car parks

3. Dirt on cladding

4. Grime on the roof

5. Blocked drains and down pipes

6. Muddy driveways

7. Murky windows

8. Weed-ridden block paving

9. Overgrown stairwells

10. Decking turned green by vegetation

11. Black algae on paving slabs

12. Moss covered pathways

In part 2 of this 3-part series, we’re covering numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8.
Read part 1 of the series…

Let’s dive in!

5. Blocked drains and downpipes

Your drains and downpipes are a critical part of your building’s drainage system. It’s vital you keep these in good working order to help minimise the risk of leaks and flooding.

You’ll be surprised just how much vegetation your drainage system can accumulate. Falling leaves collect in gutters and over time this creates fertile soil for other vegetation to grow in. Left unattended, your gutters can get blocked, which puts more strain on your downpipes and drains.

It’s why we recommend an annual clean. Let us clear out your gutters and sort out those downpipes so any water can run freely and effortlessly.

Our team uses camera-mounted rods giving us an insider view as to what’s lurking within. As a result, nothing is missed and your building gets a brilliant clean.

6. Muddy driveways

There are few parts of your building that are used as much as your driveway. Over time, dirt, grime, and green stuff can accumulate and impact. They can even create an eyesore!

What’s more, muddy driveways attract seeds, which will turn into weeds – and that creates an even bigger problem.

It’s why we recommend you clean your driveways every year.

A hot pressure wash is perfect for this job. Hot water works hard to dissolve all the dust and dirt making it easy to clean up those mucky areas. Use with Alpha Versatile for an even more thorough job.

7. Murky windows

With the summer months approaching, you’ll want to look outside. There’s nothing worse than your view being spoilt by murky, grimy windows. It’s why we recommend regular window cleaning. For most properties, a 4-6 week frequency will keep your windows shiny and grime free.

Don’t worry if your buildings have lots of high windows. Our rod system means we can reach upper storey windows without the need for ladders. And if your building is super high, we have a cherrypicker for safety and ease. And thanks to our pure water system, we don’t even need to use any chemicals.

8. Weed-ridden block paving

While the summer means warmer weather and longer days, it also provides the perfect environment for weeds to go into overdrive!

As a result, your beautiful block paving quickly becomes overgrown and unruly – not good for the kerb appeal of your property! That’s why we recommend annual cleaning of your block paving. Not only will this keep the weeds at bay, but it will help keep your paving looking its absolute best too.

We recommend soft washing for this job. This powerful cleaning method uses cold water with a gentle chemical. It’s a process that requires less water than a hot jet wash and thanks to the chemicals, there’s no need for such a powerful water pressure – something that’s better for block paving (especially where sand is present).

We use Alpha Moss and Algae remover. It does what is says on the label! This gentle chemical removes green stuff including moss, lichen, and algae for a brilliant finish. The water jets also help to dislodge weeds too giving you incredible results.

Stay on top of your property’s cleaning needs and you’ll be surprised just how good it looks – even after years. A little, regular TLC goes a long way.

So commit to tackle these ‘Dirty Dozen’ and keep your residential or commercial property looking ‘almost new’. And when you’re ready to discover the best options for getting these jobs done, give the Alpha Team a call on 02476 304 194 for a free quote and advice. There’s no obligation.

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