The Dirty Dozen ~ Part 3

The Dirty Dozen ~ Part 3

The Dirty Dozen

This is part 3 of a 3-part series. Read part 1 | Read part 2

Did you know that regular cleaning of your building’s exterior is essential maintenance that can actually prolong the life of your property and reduce the need for costly repairs?

That’s because regular cleaning helps to push back the damaging effects of the elements and the impact of algae, mould, and moss growth.

So if you want to keep your building looking almost new, these are the Dirty Dozen that need your attention.

  1. Graffiti on walls
  2. Oil stains on car parks
  3. Dirt on cladding
  4. Grime on the roof
  5. Blocked drains and down pipes
  6. Muddy driveways
  7. Murky windows
  8. Weed-ridden block paving
  9. Overgrown stairwells
  10. Decking turned green by vegetation
  11. Black algae on paving slabs
  12. Moss covered pathways

In part 3 of this mini series, we’ll explore the final four dozen on this list.

9. Overgrown stairwells

Does your building have an external stairwell? Perhaps that stairwell is primarily a fire escape, which means it isn’t used regularly? If so, this is one area to keep a close eye on. Overtime, stairwells can accumulate leaf litter. If this isn’t cleared, it can create a slip hazard – especially after rainfall when the leaves soak up water. What’s more, if dead leaves are allowed to decompose, they decay into soil, which creates fertile ground for vegetation to grow. And that’s without mentioning moss and mould!

So keep an eye on these stairwells.

Even better, include the stairwells into your regular cleaning rota.

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Sweep and clear away and fallen leaves and vegetation.
  2. Using a hot pressure wash, clean the stairwells. Hot water makes it easier to remove ingrained dirt for a gleaming finish.
  3. You can also use Alpha Versatile. This is a powerful all-round cleaner that helps to remove stubborn dirt giving you the perfect finish.

10. Decking turned green by vegetation

Is your decking way past its best? Has years of neglect turned a once proud outdoor feature into a grimy, grubby, unsightly space? Left to the elements, wooden decking will collect algae, moss, and other green vegetation. The good news is this can be reversed with the right cleaning regime.

Alpha Moss and Algae remover does exactly what it says on the label! And combined with a soft wash, you can restore your decking to its former glory. It’s the perfect treatment to get ready for summer and create the space you need to enjoy the sun. Get ready for BBQs, gatherings, and lazy evenings with a glass of something.

11. Black algae of paving slabs

What’s worse than green algae on your paving slabs? It’s black algae and lichen. Whereas green algae is relatively easy to clean [if you have the right chemicals and equipment], those black spots are much more stubborn and harder to remove.

These black spots spoil the aesthetics of your driveway or patio and the good news is you can clear it up.

Here’s how…

You may have heard that bleach will do the trick. However, prepare to be disappointed. Bleach just isn’t strong enough – however hard you scrub. Instead, you need to use something such as Alpha Moss & Algae Remover:

[youtube video=”aMkk8DO1o8U”]

Start by removing as much as you can before adding the chemical with a soft wash system. Leave the remover to do its magic and then wash away. The difference is clear.

12. Moss covered pathways

When pathways get covered with moss, it’s time to take action. Moss becomes slippery when it’s wet creating a slip hazard as well as ruining the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

A jet wash will help to dislodge chunks of moss for easier removal, but to get at the roots and the smaller clumps, you’ll get better results with Alpha Moss and Algae Remover. Dilute to use, apply to the affected areas, and allow it to work before washing away with a jet wash.

Your pathways will never have looked so good!

Which of the Dirty Dozen have been causing havoc at your premises?

When you’re ready to get it all cleaned up, we’re here to help. Alpha Power Cleaning has the equipment, enthusiasm, and experience to clean any and all outdoor spaces.

From graffiti to black algae, to blocked drains, and murky windows, we’re here to help you get the Dirty Dozen sorted.

To get a quote or to book an Alpha clean, simply give us a call on a call on 02476 304 194.