The 12 Cleans of Christmas

The 12 Cleans of Christmas

Alpha Family at Christmas

In the lead up to the holiday season, we’re exploring all the cleaning opportunities that we can help you clean up. Which of the following will you get ticked off before the New Year?

Clean 1. Graffiti on walls

With the help of Alpha Graffiti Remover, we can erase unwanted ‘artwork’ from your walls.

Clean 2. Oil stains

If your driveway or car park is covered with oily stains, we’ve got your back. With some Alpha elbow grease and Alpha Oil Remover, it’s time to reclaim these areas and return them to their best.

Clean 3. Dirt on cladding

Everyday wear and tear on your premises soon builds up. From bird poo to mould, dirt, and grime, these nasties stop your cladding looking its best. You can put this wrong right with the help of Alpha Versatile and a pressure wash.

Clean 4. Grime on the roof

The elements can take their toll on your roof. The good news is you can fight back. Depending on your roof type, you can rely on a hot pressure wash or a soft wash to remove lichen, moss, and algae. Job done!

Clean 5. Blocked drains and down pipes

It’s bad news when drains and down pipes get blocked. As an essential part of your building’s drainage system, you need to keep them clear. With the help of camera-mounted rods, we can ensure your drains don’t let you down.

Clean 6. Muddy driveways

Wash away the muck and grime with the help of Alpha Versatile and a hot pressure wash. An annual clean will help keep your kerb appeal at its peak.

Clean 7. Murky windows

Even hard to reach windows are accessible with our cherry-picker and rod system. Thanks to our pure water system, we don’t need to use chemicals either. You can see clearly now!

Clean 8. Weed-ridden block paving

Weeds spoiling the look of your block paving? No worries. Thanks to Alpha Moss and Algae Remover, you can get rid of moss, lichen, and algae for a return to block paving you’re proud of.

Clean 9. Overgrown stairwells

Make sure your fire escapes can be used safely in an emergency. With the help of a hot pressure wash and Alpha Versatile, you can remove stubborn dirt and ensure these vital access routes are clear.

Clean 10. Decking turned green by vegetation

If your decking is now a grimy, grubby, unsightly space, we can help. Alpha Moss and Algae Remover combined with a soft wash can return your outdoor areas to their former glory. Now you can enjoy sitting outside again.

Clean 11. Black algae on paving slabs

Forget bleach – it’s simply not strong enough to clean up the hard to remove, stubborn black spots. Instead, let Alpha Moss and Algae Remover do the hard work instead.

Clean 12. Moss covered pathways

Not only does moss look unsightly, but it gets slippery too. With the right chemicals and cleaning equipment, you can reclaim your outdoor areas and feel proud of them once again.


Need some help to get these 12 areas cleaned?

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