How to Remove Moss from your Roof – 3 Simple Steps

How to Remove Moss from your Roof – 3 Simple Steps

How to Remove Moss from your Roof

No doubt you know that moss on your roof is not good.

It may look picturesque in some cases, but you’ve made a wise choice to find out how to remove moss from your roof. It’s best to get rid of it before it causes damage to your property.

Apart from structural damage, roof moss can potentially cause allergic symptoms in people who live or work in the building…

How moss ruins your roof

Moss on your roof can lead to serious damage.

Over time, it gets thicker and works its way under shingles/tiles, pushing them out of place.

As it thickens, like a sponge it soaks up and retains rain and moisture, affecting shingles/tiles and eventually other parts of your roof, such as felt and other materials. This all leads to rot and decay.

When to remove moss from your roof

Normally the best time is in Autumn. After summer, moss starts to develop as we get less sunlight. But moss killers, like our Moss & Algae Remover work at any time of the year.

Remove roof moss

The simple procedure for removing moss

1. Remove the moss with a stiff brush.

Scrape off all the moss with the brush, getting into all the seams. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the roof ridge.

2. Apply moss remover, with a low pressure power cleaner or just a watering can.

Spray or rinse down your roof, moving the moss down to the gutter.

3. Leave it to break down the moss and the algae.

Let the product do its work. If needed, you can repeat steps 1 and 2. Wait for your roof to become dry before the next cleaning, to see areas that may have been missed.

Alpha Moss & Algae Remover

Take a look at our Moss & Algae Remover, which provides a fast, safe and effective formulation to remove moss, algae and lichen from roofs and lots of other areas.

Final thoughts

After you’ve removed all the moss from your roof, make sure you remove all of the dead moss, because it will still act like a sponge and soak up water.