Five Reasons To Work With Alpha Power Cleaning

Five Reasons To Work With Alpha Power Cleaning

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The cleaning has to be done… the question is who’s going to do it? When you have a cleaning job to take care of, how do you decide who to work with?

Here are five good reasons to pick us.

1. You don’t have to do it yourself!

A thorough cleaning job takes time, elbow grease, and attention to detail – to ensure you don’t overlook the nooks and crannies or avoid the hard to reach or difficult areas.

If you don’t especially like cleaning [not many people do!] these jobs aren’t just time-consuming, they’re also a drain on your energy and your sanity! When you don’t really want to get out the mop or scrub off the muck, you’ll be less than enthusiastic, which means you deliver a sub-standard job.

The Alpha team genuinely enjoy the work we do.

Which means you can rely on us to turn up with enthusiasm and just get on with it.

It’s how we’re able to ‘really clean up’.

2. We’ll tackle ANYTHING

If you have an exterior cleaning job to take care of, we can handle it.

It doesn’t matter how mucky, greasy, awkward, or stinky, our team has the equipment and cleaning chemicals to get it done.

From oily drives and carparks to graffiti on the walls or mould and algae on your roof, we’ll tailor our approach to deliver the best job possible.

3. Minimal disruption

We invest heavily in equipment and cleaning materials. As a result, there’s no need to cut corners or take longer than necessary. If you need a roof cleaned, we’ve got a cherry-picker. If your tiles won’t withstand a jet wash, we’ve got a soft-wash system.

We use hot water instead of cold to remove more dirt and grime and all our equipment is industrial -grade to deliver the best results possible.

This is how we’re able to work efficiently and productively. It means we won’t get under your feet and we won’t cause needless disruption or disturbances.

Trust Alpha and you can focus on your priorities.

4. Were a family business

We’re a family business and proud of it. Our company is our family’s reputation and we’re fierce about defending it. We pride ourselves on doing the best job at all times. We treat our customers like family. If a clean isn’t good enough for our home, it’s certainly not good enough for your premises.

When you work with us, you’re supporting a dedicated family team who has cleaning running through its blood.

Our company makes us stronger and brings up together. It’s one of the reasons why we’re passionate about the work we do.

5. Nationwide coverage

The Alpha team is based in the Midlands, but we operate nationwide. Wherever you need us to be, we’ll be there! We have a big team and a large fleet of vehicles – all of which are highly specced and well-equipped. It’s how we can manage a soft wash in Aberdeen and graffiti removal in Plymouth.

Ready for a quote?

Life is too short to spend hours cleaning – unless it’s your passion!

There’s no need to tackle difficult, time-consuming cleaning jobs if you don’t have to because we’re here to handle them ALL for you.

So don’t delay! Instead, pick up the phone today. Let’s chat about the cleaning jobs on your to-do list and get something booked in.

To get a quote or a date in the diary, call 024 7630 4194.