5 Top Tips for 2020 Cleaning

5 Top Tips for 2020 Cleaning

Top Tips for Cleaning

Cleaning can feel like a massive job. What’s more, it’s never-ending! Cleaning is never done. Instead, it’s just done for now! And while it’s not everyone’s job of choice, it is an essential activity nevertheless.

A good cleaning routine can help maintain your building [whether that’s your workplace or your home] and keep it looking better for longer.

So if you have ‘better cleaning’ on your list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2020, you’re not alone.

And to help you figure out where best to place your efforts, check out these five top tips.

1. Sweep up leaves

Winter may be colder, but it does bring welcome relief for those of us who aren’t green-fingered! Weeds and grass don’t grow quite as quickly in the winter months, which means it’s easier to keep the green stuff under control!

But the leaves do mount up, and as they decay they create organic material in which new plants can grow. So take a few minutes to sweep up those dead leaves from your walkways, block paving, and decking. It will save you a bigger job in the future. It’s also an excellent way to minimise slip hazards too.

2. Clean your gutters

Add an increase of rain to gutters and downpipes which have collected their fair share of fallen leaves and other detritus, and you increase the pressure put on your drainage system.

Remember, the design of gutters and downpipes keeps water away from the brickwork of your property. It’s an important measure that can help prevent leaks and water damage.

Gutters do get clogged up over time – blame the elements!

Regular clearing and cleaning will keep this system operating at maximum efficiency – which is welcome news for your building. Winter is the perfect time to get this work done. Even better if you can hire a cleaning company with rod-mounted cameras because that means you can clear out the muck that’s hard to see.

Clear the moss

All that rain mixed with the moss can create a slip hazard. You don’t notice this so much in the dryer months because dry moss isn’t slippery, but when it gets wet – watch out!

Moss can grow anywhere. It collects on your driveways, your stairs, your car parks, and decking. The good news is that proactive decisions can help prevent unnecessary accidents. For example, Alpha Moss and Algae Remover is a gentle chemical that enables you to remove moss build-up with ease.

First, remove as much of the moss as you can with a stiff brush. Next, dilute as per the instructions then apply to the affected areas with a low-pressure sprayer or watering can. This product needs dry conditions to work, so don’t use if you expect rain. For best results, you need a contact time of 2-4 days.

This versatile product also works on algae and lichen and can be used on everything from patios to driveways and roofs. It’s also safe to use on concrete slabs, paving blocks and stone, brick, tarmac, timber and garden furniture.

Hire someone to do the work

Cleaning is tough work – especially when you don’t have the tools, materials, and enthusiasm to do a thorough job! There’s also an element of risk when cleaning outside – especially when you’re tackling higher storey buildings.

You may save some money doing the cleaning yourself, but is it worth the time?

Far better to invest in a commercial cleaning company, you can trust to do a great job at a competitive price. The Alpha team can clean ANYTHING. What’s more, we’ve got the industrial-grade equipment and the trained, experienced staff to do the job right.

So don’t try and do the work on your own. Instead, get a quote from us.

From driveways to windows, walls, car parks, roofs, and gutters, we’re here to help you clean up.

Choose an eco-friendly option

With all the news and scientific data, it’s hard not to feel more concerned about the environment. It’s why a lot of people are investigating more eco-friendly options.

The cleaning industry has responded, and Alpha commit to being ahead of the curve in this crucial area.

For example, we now offer soft washing as well as traditional hot jet washes.

Our new soft wash system is perfect for cleaning driveways, patios, and roofs – in fact, virtually anything outside [domestic and commercial properties.]

This method uses low pressure and specialised solutions to safely remove bacteria, algae, moss, mildew and all other organic stains. It doesn’t use as much water as jet wash alternatives, and it often does a more thorough job too. While a jet wash uses hot water and can get into the cracks to remove grime and dirt, a soft wash system uses the right mix of low impact chemicals and soft wash tools to remove stubborn stains. It can even remove bubble gum from high traffic commercial areas such as car parks and shopping centres.

Call the Alpha Team!

If you have some questions around cleaning or you’re ready to request a quote or book in a job, please contact us. Our office team are on hand to help you get things really clean!